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Building Strong Alliances for Global Impact

At SGC Holding Group, we understand the power of collaboration and strategic partnerships in driving success. We have carefully cultivated a network of international partners, each of whom brings unique strengths, capabilities, and resources to our projects.

Our partners extend across various industries and regions, reflecting our commitment to interdisciplinary collaboration and global reach. We believe that such diversity and breadth are integral to fostering innovation, facilitating knowledge exchange, and delivering exceptional results in our projects.

Jaz Trade

Corporacion Arteamérica

Elemento Chile




Shanghai Metal Markets


Len Engineering

Supply Partners

Building Strong Alliances for Global Impact


Trade Cloud

LCA Portfolio Management

Our international partnerships are a testament to our global vision and drive for excellence. Their diverse expertise and multinational perspectives enrich our projects and contribute to our success as a leading consulting firm and project developer. These strategic alliances aren't just business relationships; they're an integral part of the SGC family, helping us deliver value to our clients and make a positive impact on the industries we serve.

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