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SGC Holding Group

Pioneering Industry Innovation in Mining, Energy and Infraestructure

A dynamic consultancy and project management powerhouse with global reach. We specialise in three crucial sectors – Mining, Energy, and Infrastructure, leveraging our international and multidisciplinary expertise to drive growth and sustainability in these areas.


As a global leader in the mining industry, we manage and consult on projects that unearth valuable resources responsibly. From feasibility studies and project financing to health, safety, and risk management, our mining operations balance economic progress with environmental stewardship.


Our energy sector involvement focuses on non-conventional renewable sources, leading the industry's transition towards sustainable power. We are actively involved in projects for electromobility and the hydrogen value chain, all while ensuring our activities align with a decarbonisation pathway. This commitment reflects our dedication to a greener future, where energy production fuels growth without compromising the health of our planet.


Building robust and sustainable infrastructure is pivotal to business and community development. Our infrastructure projects not only cater to the specific needs of the mining and energy sectors but also contribute to the broader socioeconomic development of the communities we operate in. We consult and manage a variety of infrastructure projects, from ports to roads, ensuring they align with local, national, and global sustainability objectives.

At a Glance: Our Impact

SGC Holding Group’s impact is best described through numbers that represent our reach, diversity, and commitment to growth.


With more than 50 projects in our portfolio, we are actively driving change and innovation across Mining, Energy, and Infrastructure sectors. Each project reflects our commitment to sustainable practices, advanced technologies, and collaborative partnerships.


The collective valuation of our portfolio is a testament to our strategic approach and commitment to growth. The cumulative worth of our projects currently stands at an impressive USD 5 billion, a clear indication of the value we bring to our stakeholders and the industries we operate in.

Global Reach

Our operations span across multiple continents, reflecting our status as a truly global consultancy and project management firm. With a presence in countries like Australia, China, Chile, and more, we adapt and respond to a diverse array of markets and cultural contexts, which enables us to successfully execute our projects with a nuanced, global perspective.

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