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SGC Holding Group is strategically situated across the globe to effectively serve our clients in diverse markets and provide localized expertise. Our broad geographic footprint allows us to leverage international partnerships and insights, delivering culturally cognizant, effective, and efficient solutions.


Our primary operations are based out of Australia, with significant presence in Brisbane, Perth, and Sydney, allowing us to tap into the rich natural resources and the thriving energy market in the region.

APAC Operations Center

Our Asian-Pacific Operations Center, located in Guangzhou with potential expansion to Shanghai, offers us significant reach across Asia's dynamic markets, tapping into robust growth opportunities in the mining, energy, and infrastructure sectors.

LATAM Operations Center:

With our Latin American Operations Center situated in Iquique and Santiago, we offer comprehensive project management and consulting services throughout Latin America, especially in the mining-rich regions.


We also have commercial offices and representations in strategic locations across the globe:


Our office in Rio de Janeiro allows us to tap into the vast opportunities within South America's largest economy.


Our presence in Geneva connects us with European markets and international regulatory bodies.


Our base in Singapore, a global business hub, facilitates our operations in the rapidly developing Asian market.

Potential Expansion in Malaysia:

As part of our growth strategy, we are considering the expansion of our operations in Malaysia, a testament to our commitment to be closer to our customers and markets.

In each of these locations, we are poised to offer the quality service and expertise SGC Holding Group is known for, propelling us forward in our mission to provide innovative, sustainable, and comprehensive solutions to our clients.

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