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Mining Sector New

In the mining sector, SGC Holding Group continues to create sustainable, efficient, and innovative solutions. We are involved in numerous projects across the globe, focusing on a variety of minerals such as rare earth elements, copper, cobalt, and gold. Our approach incorporates the latest technological advances and responsible mining practices, ensuring our projects are not just economically viable but also environmentally and socially sustainable. For detailed information about each project, you can download our portfolio brochure here.

Infrastructure Sector News

SGC Holding Group is dedicated to building critical infrastructure that supports sustainable business and community development. Our projects range from port installations to transmission lines and green roads, serving as catalysts for economic growth while emphasizing environmental and social considerations. More information on our infrastructure projects can be found in our portfolio brochure available for download here.

Energy Sector News

In the energy sector, SGC Holding Group is at the forefront of the green transition, developing projects that align with global decarbonization goals. We're investing in Hydrogen Energy, Green Energy, and Electromobility projects that contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable future. Our projects span across different regions, providing tailored energy solutions based on local resources and demands. To learn more about our energy projects, we invite you to download our portfolio brochure here.

New Technologies News

As we strive to stay ahead of the curve, SGC Holding Group is continuously investing in research and development of new technologies. Our focus ranges from AI business applications to cybersecurity, ensuring our projects are equipped with cutting-edge solutions. Learn more about our ongoing work in new technologies by downloading our portfolio brochure here.

Stay updated on our latest projects and progress in each sector by checking out our News section regularly.

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