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Pioneering Innovations Across Industries

SGC Holding Group takes pride in our dynamic portfolio of projects that spans multiple continents and industries. We work with diverse stakeholders, including governments, businesses, and local communities, to drive sustainable and profitable outcomes.


From cataloguing mining prospects in Chile to exploring rare earth metals in Namibia, our mining projects are geared towards meeting the global demand for precious minerals and resources. Our projects include exploring copper-cobalt reserves in Zambia and managing gold mines in Chile. Our dedication to sustainable mining practices ensures we balance economic growth with environmental responsibility.



Our energy projects aim at providing sustainable and renewable energy solutions for a cleaner and healthier planet. We're pioneering hydrogen-based energy in Chile with projects like FlowH2 and Electrolyser Systems. Our efforts in installing electric transmission lines further solidify our commitment to renewable energy solutions.


Our infrastructure projects are setting benchmarks for future urban and industrial landscapes. From establishing ports for exporting green hydrogen in Chile to designing new green roads across LATAM, our innovative solutions are redefining infrastructure for the 21st century.

To learn more about our projects, send us an email at or contact us here

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